Rimmel Nail Varnish Rave!

Hey. I’m back. I said I would do another naily post, so here it is. I love Rimmel nail varnishes, they are affordable and they have such gorgeous colours. Due to my small obsession, I have rather a lot of them, so I decided to show you a few of my absolute favourites. If you would like to read my mini rave, then just keep reading…

First up is this lovely hot pink colour (025 Strawberry Fizz). This one is from the Lasting Finish Fruities range. I’m not sure whether it is meant to smell of strawberries, but it doesn’t. However, I do love the general strawberryish vibe this colour radiates. I will definitely be checking out more of the Fruities range soon!

This is a beautiful purpley colour (702 Marshmallow Heaven). Just as the name suggests, this colour is very creamy and soft, just like clouds on a summer day (except clouds aren’t purple and you can’t put them on your nails). Anyway, I love this colour, but it does dry a little darker than it looks in the bottle.

This has to be the most pretty of all greeny colours (703 Pear Drop). It is a lovely ‘darker than mint’ green which goes really well with any purple clothes or even other pastelly shades. I love this one, and it has to be my all-time favourite Spring colour!

I know I have only just blogged about this fab colour (620 How do you Lilac it?), but I just had to include it in my Rimmel Rave! I won’t ramble on about it as my previous post was entirely devoted to it. I will just say that it is a great Spring colour, and I am wearing it as I am typing this!

This is definitely my favourite glittery nail varnish. I have tried some from other brands, but I have always come back to this one because of its lovely blue and purple flecks! I like to use it as a decoration over the top of other block colour nail varnishes. Right now I am wearing it just on my fourth finger, over the top of 620 How do you Lilac it? (see above).

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, please like it if you did. Also, if you would like any other reviews or tutorials or anything beauty, then leave a request in the comment box! See you next time! CB x


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