It’s getting to that time of year full of exams and season change, where everything is busy and you are on the go. But don’t forget about your skin!!! I am a massive fan of skincare regimes and I just wanted to share a few of my favourite every day skincare products.

Boots cucumber wipes. These are fabulous for those days with lots to do. They are a very quick and easy alternative to washing your face and are great for when you just need to hop into bed ASAP. They also remove make-up swiftly and efficiently!

TeaTree witch hazel Spot wand. This works a treat on those problem areas, helping to get rid of them as fast as possible. It is also double ended, with one end labelled Day and one (rather shockingly!) labelled Night. This is a great feature and I love this product.

And to conclude my short list;

Boots Skin Clear Daily face scrub. I only use this every other day as I have an alternative face wash that I mentioned in my April Favourites post. I love this product as is smooths the skin gently and lovingly (it smells great too!)

So that is the end of my ever so slightly feeble skincare favourites. I will be posting further skincare related posts, but for now, this is a rough outline of my everyday routine. Comment and follow me for more where this came from. I would love to have suggestions as to what you want to know about!!! I will solve your problems as best I can. CB x


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