As this is new to me, I thought I would introduce myself by showing some of my interests and possibly even obsessions. So I’m going to do a quick list I like to name:

5 little things about me
1. I am obsessed with hand sanitizer. I love it!!! I don’t even know why, but I just do.
2. I have a nail varnish collection of over 40 different colours. I do love my nail art!
3. I have never eaten sushi.
4. I have never been on a rollercoaster. I have no idea why, I just never have!
5. I really want cats. I would love to have two, one black, one tabby.

So that was my little list… I hope you enjoyed. If you did hit the ‘FOLLOW’ button and I will love you eternally! I will write again soon. CB x


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