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Well. This is strange. I haven’t sat down and written here in a very long time. I have recently got back into posting regularly on my Instagram (@curlsandcuppas) and have rediscovered the blogging community that I left behind for my exams all those months ago…

I’m now at University, studying Classics (woop woop!) and I have a tiny bit more free time on my hands. I’d forgotten how much I loved posting content on here and interacting with you all – so I’m back.


I thought I’d restart my blogging with one of my favourite kinds of posts to write (get it…? 😉 ) So, here’s various things I’ve been loving over the past month…


First up, I am trying my hardest to read more this year (follow me on Goodreads!) and I’m doing pretty damn well so far. I have just finished this gem, Anne Tyler’s Vinegar Girl. This is a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. I actually didn’t know this plot particularly well, but it was not important and the book flowed beautifully anyway. In true Anne Tyler style, the book is just daily life; nothing crazy happens, but it is nonetheless a page-turner. I’ll be starting up regular book reviews very soon, so you can follow all the books I’m reading this year.


I have also been loving the Clinique All About Shadow Quad. Unfortunately I got this exact version in a gift set, but a quad with the same shadows is available to buy separately. The colour payoff is good on these, and they are such gorgeous everyday shades.


The MaxFactor Masterpiece High Impact mascara has been one of my favourite makeup products for a long while now, but I have really been appreciating its beauty this past month. I love the length this gives, and it is always the perfect finishing touch for me every morning.


Finally, I have also loved the latest series of Endeavour. If you haven’t heard of this then you are missing out. It is a detective show set in Oxford, England (which happens to be my home town) and is frickin’ brilliant. If you like your Marple, Poirot, Midsomer Murders etc… then look no further for your next TV addiction.*

Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ll be back pretty soon with another post! Please do come say hi on all my social medias (links below) – I’d love a chat!

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*Not my image (source here)

Book Review 9/35 | curlsandcuppas

Hello again 🙂 I’m back with a book review (check out my last few here and here) I apologise for the lack of posts, but the past 6 weeks have been very hectic! I left home and moved to University, so I’ve been settling and sorting out my new life!! Let me know if you’d like any uni-themed posts… 🙂

This is my 9th book of the year and I loooooved it. My goal was 35 for the year, but that’s not going too well so far :/ you never know, I might make it!


“What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?

During a snowstorm in England in 1910, a baby is born and dies before she can take her first breath. During a snowstorm in England in 1910, the same baby is born and lives to tell the tale.

What if there were second chances? And third chances? In fact an infinite number of chances to live your life? Would you eventually be able to save the world from its own inevitable destiny? And would you even want to?”

I adore this book, full stop. It is complex and not always easy to follow, but the concept is incredible. The protagonist, Ursula, is likeable and relatable and her constant reliving of the same life is exhausting but impressive.

Reading this really made me think about the importance of the little things, and made me re-evalute the significance of my actions – sounds intense I know, but I had a good think.

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

I love that there are so many different storylines in this novel, but the only reason it didn’t get 5 stars from me was because I did struggle at some times to remember which storyline I was in. This is definitely a novel that needs to be read without too many breaks, it would be much easier to keep focused if I had read it over just two days.

Thanks for reading 😉 I hope you enjoyed, let me know if you’ve read this book! What are you reading at the moment? Let me know…

Until next time… x

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3 Summer Smoothie Recipes | curlsandcuppas

Despite the lack of glorious weather here in England, it is summer. That means many things (getting a tan, picnics, ice cream, beach trips… etc.) but for me it also signals the smoothie season. – the chance for me to blend my favourite fruits into gorgeous glasses of coloured mush. Nothing better 😉

Today I thought I’d share my 3 favourite summer smoothie recipes so you can love smoothies and smoothie’ing (totes a word) as much as me…

01. Soft and Sweet Pink


Ingredients: 1 Banana, 2 Handfuls of Green Grapes, 1 Handful of Strawberries


02. Tangy Berry


Ingredients: 1 Banana, 2 Handfuls of Green Grapes, 1 Squeeze of Lemon Juice, 2 Handfuls of Frozen Berries, 2 Handfuls of Frozen Strawberries/Bananas

03. Sunny Tropical


Ingredients: 2 Rings of Pineapple (add more for extra sweetness), 1/2 Orange, 1 Banana, A Dash of Orange Juice

 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Tell me your favourite smoothie recipes in the comments…

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Until next time… x

High Street Makeup Wish List… | curlsandcuppas

Hello again lovely readers 😉 Today I thought I’d do a lil ramble about what I’m lusting after right now… Just a quick post, but I always find these very fun to read – even if they do make my own list eeeeven longer!



01. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette is damn gorgeous, and I’ve seen every Youtuber and their dog using it. To be honest, I’m green with jealousy. So I need to get it asap, before I go crazy…


02. RealTechniques – Bold Metals 100 Arched Powder Brush

Ever since this range has come out I have been gazing at it with longing. The metallic brush handles, the crisp white brush air, just aaaaahhhhh – such beauty ❤


03. The Body Shop – All-In-One BB Cream

I don’t wear skin makeup on a daily basis, so I don’t tend to buy those kind of products much at all. But when I saw this in the shop, I was very intrigued by the light formula and subtle finish it’s meant to give – so I’d love to try it out.


04. Sleek – Matte Me Lipstick

Since the crazy Kylie Lip Kit obsession that most of the internet seems to have succumbed to, I have been trying to find a range of actually reasonably priced matte lip products that are more liquid-based than matte lipsticks.


05. NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencil

The whole idea of these pencils makes me really happy. I don’t know why. They just seem heavenly to me, such an easy product to get a really lush eye look from.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! What products are you wanting at the moment?

Until next time… x

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My To-Read Pile | curlsandcuppas

Hello all 🙂 I’ve loved reading since forever – there’s nothing better than curling up under a blanket with a cuppa tea and a good book…


I thought I’d show you a few of the books that are on my ‘To-Read’ pile at the moment, that I’ll be reviewing as I read them 🙂


A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh

 After seven years of marriage Lady Brenda Last was mildly bored with country life in the Victorian Gothic mansion that was the symbol of her husband’s family pride. The affair she drifted into with a wholly worthless young man began as a diversion fashionable in her class and generation – and became a vortex of ironic calamities. “

I’ve never read any Evelyn Waugh novels, but so many people have recommended her novels to me, so when my English teacher gave this to me as a goodbye present ❤ I knew I had to read it!


1984 by George Orwell

Newspeak, Doublethink, Big Brother, the Thought Police – the language of 1984 has passed into the English language as a symbol of the horrors of totalitarianism. George Orwell’s story of Winston Smith’s fight against the all-pervading Party has become a classic not the least because of its intellectual coherence. First published in 1949, it retains as much relevance today as it had then.

I saw an incredible adaptation of this incredible classic last year at the theatre, and ever since I’ve been meaning to read it. I know the basic story already, but I cannot wait to finally read it.


Le Soleil des Scorta by Laurent Gaudé

Their lineage condemns the Scortas to shame. In Montepuccio, a small village in southern Italy, they live in poverty. But the family vowed to pass their heritage down from generation to generation. Away from the modest family tobacconist, their wealth is immaterial as experience, memories, wisdom, and a spark of joy.

^My iffy translation of the blurb in French 😉 ^

My best friend gave this book to me to read before our French A-Level, but I didn’t get round to it :/ So now it is on my pile to get through ASAP…


Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Abandoning his mordant criticism of modern men and morals, Huxley switches to the future and shows us life as he conceives it may be some hundreds of years hence. Written in the thirties when – whatever the immediate outlook may have been – people believed that ultimately all would be for the best in the best of all possible worlds, this novel is a warning against such optimism.

This one seems kinda similar to the concept of 1984, but I love reading these type of novels where the author has, in the past, predicted the future that is now the present – confusing right? But they are just so interesting to read, and always make me think a lot

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I’d love to know what books are on your pile, lemme know in the comments 😉

Until next time… x

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Book Review 8/35 : Half Of A Yellow Sun | curlsandcuppas

Hello again lovelies 😉 This time I’ve got another book review for you!

This is my 8th book of this year, my goal is 35, but I got summer so I got hella more time to bury my nose into a good few novels…


“In 1960s Nigeria, a country blighted by civil war, three lives intersect… their loyalties are severely tested as they are pulled apart and thrown together in ways that none of them imagined.”

I had heard such great things about Adichie’s other novels Purple Hibiscus and Americanah but I hadn’t heard of this one, until I got given it for my birthday at the end of last year. I worried that it might be a little too historically detailed for my taste, but Adichie expertly manages to create a storyline that is so enticing, whilst also shedding light on the real horrors of the Nigerian civil war in the ‘60s.

I literally could not put this down, and finished it with such a crazy mix of emotions: sadness at the tragedy of the truth it reveals, happiness at the human ability to return to normal life after such horrific events, and bereavement at my own personal loss of the characters – I got so attached to them!

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone – it’s an enthralling read that will make you smile, laugh, rage and cry (cliché but true)

Thanks for reading! If you’ve read this, let me know what you thought? What are you reading at the moment? Let me know…

Next book review will be on Life After Life by Kate Atkinson 🙂

Until next time… x

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Three Summer Outfits | curlsandcuppas

Hello again! I spent the first proper week of the UK summer in my favourite place – St Ives, Cornwall. It’s a gorgeous little nook in the very south of Cornwall and has become my second home after going there 16 times 🙂

Given the beautiful weather, I thought I’d show you my three favourite outfits from my week in heaven.




Shirt: Primark £10

Jeans: Topshop £36

Cardigan: New Look (can’t find it anywhere?!)

Flip Flops: Accesorize £15





Top: H&M (not sold anymore…)

Shorts: Boohoo £10

Sunglasses: Little Shop in St Ives £5.99

Hat: Seasalt £25 (currently £17.50 online!)


 Vest: H&M £3.99

Skirt: Primark £10 (similar)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Leave links to your latest outfit posts I’d love a read ❤

Until next time… x

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